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Episode 6

Useless Wooden Noise Episode 6 , The chaps start off talking about Tonys trip to Limerick and that Raw Cycles park in Limerick, is to close down. RIP. Still on the Limerick thread, Dave Hurley  is back on Boarder Co. Skateboards . Killing Time Skateboards   have a load of new threads, available on their website . Highrollers Skateshop also dropping mad new gear  aswell as a little insta edit with Michael McMaster (who's also making his own shit FANGERART ) and Oisin Mac repping the new gear, all filmed by Naoise from the shop. Edits! Young Alfie from Belfast, has a few clips in a new edit by No Future Club, all filmed at Dean Lane Park in Bristol. The good Dr Phil Evans  has a new release on the youtube Dorkzone 2  with a heap of beautiful animations, and sexy skateboarding to match, with boards available based on the animations. Patio Skate Co  have knocked up an edit, called Shovel Boarding , all based around their snazzy new Mini ramp. The lads have a Skype interv