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Episode 11

Episode 11 Greetings from Podland! This month sees the beginning of a new segment on the pod, "Useless Wooden Questions" Where the lads ask two listeners or friends of the pod to answer nine questions about themselves and Irish Skateboarding, this time its with Christian Hunter out of Belfast and Tom O'Brien from Cork who lives in Galway. Because of Ryan and Tony's unpredictable schedule and the pod not always being recorded at the same time every month a couple of events got missed out, In Belfast Jonny McConkey organised a jam at the new Belfast hot spot, but unfortunately they had to retreat to bridges, due to shite weather. In Galway a Girl Skate Day and all ability and gender event was organised on the 26th September, they to had to retreat to the skatepark but not because of the weather because of the fecking Police. New park news, Carlow is now home to a brand spanking new skatepark  and soon to follow, Kilkenny's park is under construction, keep an eye