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Episode 7

Episode 7 Due to this bloody pandemic thats going on, the pod is slightly different this week, with most emphasis on listeners questions. Aswell as the questions there were a few edits released recently, Michael Dean and a squad from  Newry area hit Barcelona, in this edit 'We're still rolling... Barcelona Skateboarding 2020' , possibly the last crew from Ireland to get a Barce trip in before the lockdown. Next up a lil edit all filmed around Cork city by TNT Media  called ' South Of The Boarder'  featuring all your favourite Cork rippers. Patio Skate Co  have managed to get their hands on a load of old vx tapes, with footy from one of the Comps at Woodworx Skatepark in Cork (rip), Its simply titled '2003'  with footy from Wayne G, Jonny Mulgrew, Jer Evans, Conhuir Lynn and a load of other Irish legends. Last up a throw back to an old episode, we chatted about Ross Doyles  part filmed and edited by Banbridge Legend Mr Craig Dodds  called Ross Doyle C