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Episode 15

Episode 15       Cheers for all the nice messages about episode 14 ! Jay Dords tales of yore went down a treat.   This episode of the pod starts off on a serious note, following recent events within the scene,  we thought we would speak to a couple of people who work within the counseling and victim support field, Sonya mcMullen from Womens Aid N I and Ray Cunningham who helps run Mymy a mental health organisation in Co Down. Other links that may be helpful, with mental health issues,  Relate NI , Nexus NI , Rainbow Project and Cara Friend   Useless Wooden Questions this episode, bring you, nice guy, Ross Doyle , straight outta Cork City and Boarder Co front man and Dublin legend, Wayne Gallagher .   Skate Parks are popping up all over the place, A site has been allocated in the Castlebar area for a park, we havent much on this but we'll keep you posted. Twenty minutes outside of Limerick in Moroe another new park, check Mark Longs Insta to see it. Kilkenny park is finished and