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Uwn Episode 20

  UWN Episode 20   Yes folks, after a brief hacking fiasco, the boys are back, this month with a special guest host Dale Gallagher . The episode kicks off chatting about Provident, an Irish based jeans company, check their Gram for preorder details. Clipbooks!!!! custom made clip books, send your clip, send your cash, then boom, you get a sexy little flick book of your marvelous stunt. New shizz on the youtube, Peanut Brittle by Danny Shaw, with a whole heap of Dublin heads and Oisin Mac's edit, Scata , with more Dublin slaying. Joe Hill put out his ' Pre Vid Glitch ' part, with clips on him skating all about Europe. Fresh wood galore this month, Skatebirds Clár Nathair Nimhe graphic availble now on their website . Quay Skateboards, have a fresh drop of wood, you can pick up one of their 'Big Wheel' Decks, from their website. Get yourself over to Highrollers Skateshop in Dublin to pick up a new Floral Skateboards deck, they got 3 new graphics ,  BUY IRISH WOO