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Episode 14

 Episode 14 Already a month in to 2021, episode 14 , the first pod of the year! First up starting the show with a couple of shout outs, Paul McConnel l has been taking a few online yoga classes via zoom and is trying to adapt a few yoga style stretches for over the hill skateboarders, to try to help you not feel sore or damage your old legs. Jess Bryne from Dublin got herself a slot on Ten Skateboards , a Berlin based company, stoked for you Jess. Beach Skateboards have themselves some new hoodies  and this clip on their homepage, showing the team skating all sides of the globe. Killing time coming through with new hoodies also, you can check the hoodies out over on their instagram. Sick Skateboards have a range of different coloured beanies just about to drop on their website, hit the lads with a insta dm for more info. Uwn is proud to announce their first bit of merch in the form of these lovely little pin badges , pins are available via insta dm's or email uselesswoodennoi