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Episode 17

 Episode 17 The UwnSolelo Comp is still up and running and will be announced very soon, you still have a little bit of time to get those feel good clips tagged up on instagram. As we talked about last month, our forum is now launched , check it out! The good skate folk of Portrush are campaigning to get themselves a skatepark, sign the petition and help the north coast out, its well overdue! TicTac Skate Schoo l headed by Bangor local, Jared Purvis, is holding skate lessons for beginners, check out his socials and get your wee brother or sister hooked up.  Useless Wooden questions this month brings you film maker extrodinaire, hailing from Bray but living in Malmo Sweden, Phil Evans and skater, animator, content creator, manny mania slayer, Paddy Maguir e our mucker from Belfast.  Ssick skateboards have some new wheels on the market and since recording also some longsleeves also. Half of the Uwn duo, Tony Moore has teamed up with Donegal local Ed Boyle to b