Episode 14

 Episode 14

Already a month in to 2021, episode 14, the first pod of the year!

First up starting the show with a couple of shout outs, Paul McConnell has been taking a few online yoga classes via zoom and is trying to adapt a few yoga style stretches for over the hill skateboarders, to try to help you not feel sore or damage your old legs. Jess Bryne from Dublin got herself a slot on Ten Skateboards, a Berlin based company, stoked for you Jess.

Beach Skateboards have themselves some new hoodies and this clip on their homepage, showing the team skating all sides of the globe. Killing time coming through with new hoodies also, you can check the hoodies out over on their instagram. Sick Skateboards have a range of different coloured beanies just about to drop on their website, hit the lads with a insta dm for more info. Uwn is proud to announce their first bit of merch in the form of these lovely little pin badges, pins are available via insta dm's or email uselesswoodennoise@gmail.com, you can pay with cash in person or via the PayPal app and your pin will be shipped directly to your door, all profits are being donated to 'The Larder Foodbank' a charity that provides food, support and hope to thousands in financial distress.

Our man at The Ministry of Sleep, Sherbert Dipdap has upped a new edit to his IGTV. 'Have a nice sleep' with a host of lads ripping Dublin and Belfast. ICYP blessed us with a new edit over the xmas period, 'ICYP2020' hella young bucks shredding the city, all to a heavy hitting hiphop beat. HIGHROLLERS FULL LENGTH! with Naoise McCarthy behind the lens and the Highrollers squad infront, if you haven't seen it already, click the link, watch the video RIGHT NOW, then continue on with your blog reading. The first copy of 'The Skateboarders Companion' went on sale in January, well, its free in skate shops but a fiver at the newsagent, we love print here at UWN and are super hyped on the mag, its got bits with Denis Lynn, Michael McMaster, words from Naoise McCarthy and photos from Stuart Robinson, so a heavy bit of Irish influence spread throughout.

The Useless Wooden Questions segment this month is with Lena from Limerick and Katie Ellis from Belfast, with tales of taking their first board to bed with them or having the worst set of trucks to roll on.

A new first for UWN, Jay Dords Tales of yore, Dords tells a tale of a fresher faced Dords making his way out of Limavady and chasing a dream to live in the good ole USA. Jay really has a talent for telling a story, so buckle in folks!

In episode 13 there was a listener competition, asked on the show for a dm on instagram, saying 'Give Me The Wheels', Ryan and Tony pulled names out of a hat and the lucky winner was Reuben Russell. Maybe there will be another competition soon, listen in to find out.

In Mid Jaurary, we did a shout out to listeners, to see what their skate plans or aspirations were for 2021, we had a few emails, voice notes and dm's from people, with big plans to land that next trick or start a magazine or just shine a light on their lesser seen skate scene.

Rounding it all up with the listener questions, Does ageism exist in skating? Positive/negative affects of instagram on skate media and Favourite skate video game? are just a few of the hard hitting subjects tackled on this episode.

Big Thanks to, Jay Dords, Lena, Katie and all the nice folks that sent us questions or helped the show in any way.



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