Episode 15

Cheers for all the nice messages about episode 14! Jay Dords tales of yore went down a treat.
This episode of the pod starts off on a serious note, following recent events within the scene,  we thought we would speak to a couple of people who work within the counseling and victim support field, Sonya mcMullen from Womens Aid NI and Ray Cunningham who helps run Mymy a mental health organisation in Co Down. Other links that may be helpful, with mental health issues, Relate NI, Nexus NI, Rainbow Project and Cara Friend
Useless Wooden Questions this episode, bring you, nice guy, Ross Doyle, straight outta Cork City and Boarder Co front man and Dublin legend, Wayne Gallagher.
Skate Parks are popping up all over the place, A site has been allocated in the Castlebar area for a park, we havent much on this but we'll keep you posted. Twenty minutes outside of Limerick in Moroe another new park, check Mark Longs Insta to see it. Kilkenny park is finished and in full swing. The good chaps at Basement Skateshop in Derry and Joe Hill have put their heads together and produced a nice indoor facility in Derry City, which once they get the nod from the covid police will be open asap. Wreckless Indoor Skatepark in Gorey are in a bit of finanicial bother and need your help, jump on their Go Fund Me and chuck them a few punts!
Goblin Skate Mag produced a piece, asking people to write about their experiences of skating over the last year, during the pandemic, all put together on their website and titled 'Pandemic Experience'.  A group of Drogheda Skaters have been raising money for SosadIreland by completing a 30 day skate challange and while they are helping others, you can help them get lights for their local skatepark by signing THIS PETITION
If you look at the internet you probably already know The Dords has started himself a Bogginzine Instagram account, is posting pics on the daily and makin passionate videos about the Boggin days. Aswell as that hes teamed up with Heroin Skateboards, Foz to bring us a 20 years of Boggin t-shirt.
Stay Goin, a new squad from Dublin specialising in, Apparel and Edits have popped up on the gram, have a look and check the new shit. Slice Skateboards are a new brand out of the North,  currently stocking hats and tee's but keep an eye on their socials, boards coming soon! 
Nah Dublin have thrown us all a curveball and launched a line of ceramic jugs and vases, aswell as their already exisiting tees, boards, hoodies, hats, watch out ,they are slowly taking over the game!
Big Stu, Belfast photographer extrodiaire has had one of his prints used by Black Bones and Never Never on a long sleeve T, they were super limited in numbers so if you snoozed on them, bad luck.
Big Phil Evans FINALLY put another part from his 'Format Perspective' online for free, Big Stus part Check it out over on Phil's vimeo page. KillingTimes Dion McGarrity, got his arse in to gear, got himself a camera and kocked up 'Public Space' a skate edit based about Dublins Portabello Plaza. 
Fawkyeah Skateboards are also up to a bit of the same, putting out a new edit on youtube called 'Beecher' and at the same time stocking up their online shop with the hot new FY x Fanger board graphic.

Skateboardings breaking out in to the main stream media or less skate orientated media, Skatebirds had a piece written on them in national newspaper 'The Irish Times' talking with them about their experiences skateboarding, how Skatebirds started and the friendships that they have made. 
Useless Wooden Noise's very own Tony Moore and his band of joyalists, were featured in 'Dig With It' magazine, the lads even made the front cover! Theres also a snippet in to Ewan Friers early days as a skater growing up in Portrush.
Listener Questionssssss, Basic tricks that still give you problems? Why are skateboard measurements so odd? and other such Gems.
Adam Callan won the episode 14 competition, picked himself up some bearings, a copy of Skateboarder companion and any old muck that can be scraped together in the UWN offices.
Thanks To Nah and BoarderCo Skateboards for the Freebees!!





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