Episode 17

 Episode 17

The UwnSolelo Comp is still up and running and will be announced very soon, you still have a little bit of time to get those feel good clips tagged up on instagram. As we talked about last month, our forum is now launched uselesswoodennoise.com, check it out!

The good skate folk of Portrush are campaigning to get themselves a skatepark, sign the petition and help the north coast out, its well overdue! TicTac Skate School headed by Bangor local, Jared Purvis, is holding skate lessons for beginners, check out his socials and get your wee brother or sister hooked up. 

Useless Wooden questions this month brings you film maker extrodinaire, hailing from Bray but living in Malmo Sweden, Phil Evans and skater, animator, content creator, manny mania slayer, Paddy Maguire our mucker from Belfast. 

Ssick skateboards have some new wheels on the market and since recording also some longsleeves also. Half of the Uwn duo, Tony Moore has teamed up with Donegal local Ed Boyle to bring you some hand printed t-shirts, each T features some snazzy lettering and a unique print, limited numbers, so get in there quick.

Dublin has got itself a brand new board company, Floral Skateboards, headed by Naoise McCarthy and Michael McMaster, kicked everything off with a 5 minute promo video, a website and a bunch of hard and soft goods. Parts galore this month, Kern Morgans, released a short part on youtube, that hes called 'Go For It'. Killing Time skateboards seem to be putting out footage on a regular basis now, 'Time Wasters' has a shed load of Dublin and Limerick heads shreddin. Last month we chatted a bit about Jamie Griffin, getting himself into the next Battle Of The Berrics, since then he dropped a full length part 'Do It RollingJesse Donnelly and a few of the Skatebirds had an interview with rte, talking about their love of skateboarding and how they got in to it. 

Goblin Skate mag just held the 'Rose of The Streets' comp, not your traditional skateboard competition but more of a king of the road type thing, so we look forward to seeing all the hammers and hijinx in the coming weeks. The skaters of Newry are organising a jam on the 11th September, on Hill Street in Newry, to highlight to the local council their need for a skatepark in the Town. 

Jay Dords Tales of Yore is back! we cant get enough of what Jays doing at the moment, such an inspiring character and brings the stoke every time! dont forget to check out Jays 'No Complies of Destiny' edit

New section alert, our first attempt at this new piece, we are calling Feedback_bs, where we throw out a question and ask random skaters in the streets for their opinons. This months hot topic 'Did you see the olympic skateboarding? What did you think of it?'

Useless Wooden Questions, Best city to skate in Europe? What happened to the driving range? and all sorts of other skate stuff.

 Check it out and SKATE TOUGH!



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