Episode 19

 Uwn Ep 19

Welcome along to our first pod of 2022, Unfortunately we are starting the podcast off with some sad news, the passing of Bruce ‘The Ox’ Kelliher, afew tributes have been circulating the internet, aswell as a ‘gofundme’ to help Bruce’s family and a ‘Bogginzine’ shop with profits going to Bruces family.

By now you probably know there was a massive launch party for the third issue of ‘Goblin Skate Mag’ in December, aswell as the mag itself, the night hosted a shed load of Irish Skate Videos, ‘Strays 2’ by Uwn’s own Ryan O’Neile, Killing Time Skateboards ‘Timeless’, Nah Skateboards ‘About Time’ and all the entires from the ‘Rose of the streets’ comp from slightly earlier in the year.
After you’ve finished watching that lot afew other Irish Vids worth a watch, ‘Beyond the Pale’ by Stu Callen, ‘Lore, A Kerry Skateboarding Video’ by Reallife08 and ‘Stuck In Limerick’ by TNT Media.

UwnQ this episode is with a couple of the stars of ‘Strays 2’, Limerick legend and owner of ‘Quay’ Skateboards Mr Cian Eades and Belfast young gun James Ferris.

A couple of comps to get your teeth in to, an ‘anything goes’ game of skate at the Longford units, hosted by Cavanconcretesurfing on the 19th of Feb. BoarderCo are doing monthly giveaways, next one at the end of February.

As usual the show comes to an end with listener questions, ‘If you had to choose 1 part to show a non skater what skatings all about what would it be?’ ‘Any tips on how to get your sealegs back?’ And a plethora of other such gems.


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