Episode 16

 Episode 16

Episode 16 is upon us folks, but first we'd like to thank all the listeners for the positive feedback for episode 15, the chat with MYMY and Womens Aid NI, was greatly received.

The episode starts with a load of Useless Wooden Noise related stuff. Uselesswoodennoise.com now hosts a web forum, we hope you can all join us over there to chat and share tales of Irish skateboarding. The money for the Uwn enamel pin badges has been totalled up and donated to The Larder Foodbank in Belfast, together, we managed to raise a grand total of £354, thanks everyone who bought a pin. Back again with another comp, with a chance to win £100 worth of gear out of Solelo, Listen to the pod to find out how to enter and win.

Useless wooden question this month with our man from Waterford, Ian Grant aka Flanders and Olivia Lillie, a new breed of skaters and one of the masterminds behind norfsideskates and Belfast Skate Collective.

Jamie Griffin has been announced as a competitor for Battle Of The Berrics 12 The Influencers, we are hyped for this one, Jamie's game will be against Aaron Kyro, we'll let you know when its happening once we get the info. Derry City Skate Park is a GO! check their social media and book your squad a session asap. The good folk at Galway Skate Association are having issues trying to get themselves listened to by the local council, they are desperately campaigning for more skate facilities in the city. Belfast Skate Collective is a squad of conscientious young skaters from the Belfast area, who want to make Belfast a happier and more inclusive place to skate, theyve already organised a litter pick at Bridges Skatepark and hope to have similar events in the future.

Goblin Skate Mag commander in chief Philli Halton has been doing a bit of interview work for Totally Dublin Magazine, chatting to local skaters and showcasing the Dublin scene. Also Goblin has teamed up with Killingtime Skateboards to bring you the 'Public Space' t-shirt. Just incase you missed it, Derrys own, Dee Collins landed himself the front cover of the second issue of Skateboarders Companion, popping a massive halfcab heel down a massive chuck of scottish concrete. The Belfast telegraph recently ran a piece on the ever growing female skate scene in the country, speaking with, Grace, Katie and Olivia, all about what they have been up to on their boards. Shane Serrano as part of the lasta festival has put together a 10 minuteish video, documenting skate life in Limerick, from parks to street. Bogginzine legend Jay Dords, did a shout out to the masses to film themself a 360 flip and send it to him, he gathered together all these tre flips, in the Chainsaws of Doom edit.

This month we bring you an interview with JP Matthew aka Popé, headman at SkateboardNI, about the upcoming olympics, new skateparks in the area  and anything else SkateNI related.

We finish the show with our usual listeners questions, how long does an edit take to make? fav skate shoes growing up? best trick down st annes? and other such treats.





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